2017 Officer and Board Election Information

The American College of Correctional Physicians is seeking a president-elect and four board member positions.  The bios of the candidates are listed below by position.  Please vote for one president-elect and four board candidates. 

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President-Elect Candidate

Juan Rudy Nunez, MD, CCHP-P, FACCP

The American College of Correctional Physicians (Formerly SCP) is a unique organization giving recognition to physicians working in the field of correctional medicine.  As a member for the past 13 years and serving three terms on the board I am grateful to its members whom have shared their experiences with me, educational conferences, CorrDocs, the official newsletter and through other ACCP sponsored educational activities.   As future president I will continue supporting the ideals of its foundation, increase our membership enrollment and continue with the ground work begun in making correctional medicine a recognized medical specially.

A write-in option is available.

Board Candidates

Jean R. Dauphin, D.O 

 Jean R. dauphin is a physician who began practicing correctional medicine over 20 yrs ago.  He is originally from Haiti, West Indies and immigrated to the United States in 1969 after his beloved father passed away from chronic liver disease.  Witnessing this event at such a very young age gave him the added encouragement needed to propel his life into the field of medicine.  He subsequently completed High School in Brooklyn, New York,  at Eastern District High School, followed by enrollment at the University of Maryland, majoring Microbiology. As part of his curriculum, Jean participated in scientific research at the National Institute of Health where his research focused on Immunology and Cancer. He then went to medical school in Florida at Nova Southeastern University, earning his degree of Doctor of Osteopathy. During medical school, in residency Jean won quite a few awards, including Community Service Award and Resident Leader Award. 
Dr. Dauphin possess many  talents that surely has helped him along the way. Jean speaks four languages ( French, Haitian Creole, Spanish, and English) fluently.  In addition, one of Dr. Dauphin’s most recent accomplishments includes part author of a paper published in a reputable scientific journal. Outside of work however, Dr. Dauphin’s friends describe him as easy going and a great listener. These traits have served him well throughout his life, as a great husband, father, grandfather, and lastly as a physician. 
Dr. Dauphin is a well rounded, hard working individual who prides himself in engaging the community and his fellow man. He would be proud to serve as a member of the ACCP Board and even more so honored should he get your vote and become elected, providing the organization with outstanding service. 
Vote Dauphin for ACCP Board member !

Jeff Keller, MD, CCHP-P, FACCP

Greetings fellow members of the ACCP!  I am honored to be nominated for a position on the ACCP Board of Directors.  Correctional Medicine, both jails and prisons, has been my true calling for more than 20 years.  I strongly believe in the importance of our work on behalf of an underserved and disadvantaged population.  I also believe that Correctional Medicine is a legitimate medical specialty on its own.  It is time for us to claim our place alongside the other medical specialties!   ACCP is the way to do this.  I look forward to having an official ACCP representative to the American Medical Association!  I am excited about all of the other ways that ACCP can help us: educational conferences and CMEs, social media and events, recruiting new practitioners to the field, lobbying on our behalf and many more.  Whether elected to this position or not, I will help ACCP in any way that I am able.  I look forward to working with all of you!

Richard Kosierowski, MD, CCHP

32 years practice in Internal Medicine/ Oncology much of it in solo practice.  I entered corrections 14 years ago and   currently serve as director of oncology services for Corizonhealth.   Additional work experience as  a site surveyor for the American College of Surgeons Commission on Cancer, Medical director for both Prudential and Aetna US Healthcare, Medical Director of various Hospice agencies  and  have served as the Medical Director of a Community Hospital Cancer Center Program affiliated with a National Comprehensive  Cancer Network  affiliated tertiary care hospital (Fox Chase Cancer Center).

My career in corrections included primary care intake, chronic care, infirmary and sick call for segregated and general population at SCI-Graterford in Pennsylvania.  Working together with an excellent staff of nurses and physicians we established an on- site palliative care program and on- site chemotherapy administration. 

After a family move to the Washington state in 2008 but my corrections career continued utilizing a combination of   telemedicine and on-site visits to SCI Graterford

Upon expiration of the Pennsylvania contact in 2013, I joined corporate supportive care team for Corizonhealth based in Brentwood Tenn.  My current position involves direct patient care via telemedicine plus oversight of hematology/oncology care across numerous contracts as well as working closely with our primary care providers on clinical issues including utilization management and review of sentinel events

I am a firm believer in organized correctional medicine organizations and have been an active participant in the educational and organizational endeavors of both  NCCHC and ACCP.  The current national debate over health care shares some of the same root problems as are common in correctional health care.  The ‘Buy and Bill’ program (paying physicians drugs plus a 6% stocking fee) encourages specialist physicians to utilize the newest and most expensive medications many of which have not been adequately tested in our population.  The costly intensive care delivered in the final months of life can be better channeled to providing more basic primary care to our patients. 

My career in correctional medicine has been extremely rewarding, but much more needs to be done to provide a safe, physically and financially secure environment that will allow future correctional physicians the opportunity to take our field into the future

I look forward to sharing my experience and insight to help guide the American Academy of Correctional Physicians  thru the complicated healthcare landscape

Lawrence Mendel, DO, CCHP, FACCP

Dr. Mendel is the former Medical Director of the Ohio prison system.  He served in that capacity for more than eleven years.  After leaving the Ohio prison system in 1999, he worked as a jail physician and correctional consultant.  He returned to work with the Ohio prison system in 2006 as Acting Medical Director and worked with the prison system in a variety of capacities before retiring in 2014.

Since his retirement, he has continued to work in correctional healthcare and was the Medical Director for Leavenworth Detention Center until April of this year.  He is also a Clinical Assistant Professor for Ohio University Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine.

David Thomas, MD, JD, EDD

David Thomas, MD, JD, EDD, is Professor and Chair of the Department of Surgery and the Division of Correctional Medicine at Nova Southeastern University (NSU) Medical School. After working as the medical director for a complex Florida prison he then spent nine years running the third largest correctional system in the country (Florida). While in Florida he received multiple accolades on the quality and efficiency of health services. While at NSU he created a University based correctional psychiatry program and a Board Certifiable (DO) correctional medicine fellowship. He is a Vietnam Nam veteran and was awarded the Bronze Star. He was the recipient of the Armond Start Award from the ACCP.  He has written two published novels as well as contributed significantly to the medical and correctional literature. He has served as a physician surveyor for the NCCHC and is the former Chairman of the Commission on Accreditation in Correction for the ACA.  He is currently on the Board of Governors of the ACA and has been on the Executive Committee of that organization.  He and his wife have five children and three grandchildren. 

Asher Turney, MD, MBA, MSPH, CCHP, FACCP

Dr. Asher Turney is the State Medical Director for Centurion of TN.  He has over 15 years combined experience in community-based and correctional healthcare, and public health.  Prior to joining Centurion, Dr. Turney served as the CEO of a successful non-profit, community-based health center serving the uninsured residents in Alabama. He also has been the medical director of one of the largest retail urgent care clinics in the southeast region. His clinical interests are in health inequalities, health policy, the use of health technology within corrections, onsite health care innovations and the health of vulnerable populations.

Dr. Turney began his medical career at Meharry Medical College in Nashville.  He then completed a surgical internship and two post graduate years at the Massachusetts General Hospital/ Harvard.  Dr. Turney also earned an MBA from Emory’s Goizueta Business School and an MS in Public Health from Meharry’s School of Graduate Studies. Later, he completed a preventive medicine residency with a subspecialty in occupational medicine at Meharry Medical College.  He is board certified in urgent care medicine by the American Academy of Urgent Care Medicine and in occupational medicine by the American Board of Preventive Medicine.  Also, he is a graduate of the certificate program from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Center for Health Policy and is proud to be a certified correctional health professional (CCHP) through the NCCHC.

Dr. Turney is a board member of the Tennessee College of the American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine and a 2016 fellow of the American College of Correctional Physicians. He has been ranked as a Top Doctor in the Southeast by Health Tap and elected to top 40 persons under 40 in Nashville by Stay On the Go Magazine.

Aspirations driving my board candidacy:

  • Elevating the perception of correctional healthcare within medicine "making it the best of the best"
  • Increasing training and certification opportunities for health care workers to build a stronger pool of new recruits and solidifying the identity of correctional healthcare as a specialty
  • Improving productivity and work/life balance for physicians with technology
  • Developing more evidence based guidance for healthcare staff who work within prisons
  • Advocating IRB approved research as a means to guide clinical and operational practice nationally

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Please respond by September 11, 2017 as voting will close at 11:59 p.m. Monday, September 11, 2017