Armond Start Award of Excellence

The Armond Start Award of Excellence was established in 1997 in honor of one of our founding members, Armond H. Start, MD. Dr. Start represented the highest of ideals in correctional medicine.

Past winners of this prestigious award are below.

2022 - Johnny Wu, MD, FACCP, FACP, CCHP-A, CCPH-P
2021 - Rebecca Lubelczyk, MD, CCHP-P, FACCP
2020 - Jeff Keller, MD, CCHP-P, FACCP
2019 - Todd Wilcox, MD, MBA, FACCP, CCHP-P, CCHP-A
2018 - Thomas Lincoln, MD, CCHP-P
2017 - Warren Ferguson, MD

2016 - Dean Rieger, MD, MPH, CCHP
2015 - David Thomas, MC, JD
2014 - Joe Goldenson, MD, FACCP
2013 - Michelle Staples-Horne, MD, MPH
2011 - Lynn Sander, MD, FACP
2010 - Marc Stern, MD, MPH, FACP
2009 - Steve Shelton, MD
2008 - Anne Spaulding, MD, MPH, FACCP, CCHP-P
2007 - Bob Greifinger, MD, FACCP
2006 - Mike Puisis, DO
2005 - John May, MD, FACCP, CCHP
2004 - Dianne Rechtine, MD, FACCP
2003 - Steven S. Spencer, MD
2002 - Joseph E. Paris, MD
1999 - Ronald M. Shansky, MD, MPH

Nomination Criteria - To merit consideration for this prestigious award, nominees should meet one or more of the following criteria: Adherence to the highest of professional standards - Start consistently advocated that standards be set and adhered to, and refused to compromise these positions even when they were unpopular.

Unceasing advocacy for better patient care and professional correctional medical environments - Start was a leader in demonstrating that one of the roles a physician has in a setting that was not designed purposely for the delivery of medical care is to advocate for what is in the best interest of one’s patients. Beyond that, he realized that in order to attract and retain qualified health care professionals, the environment they work in must be professionally acceptable.

Adherence to the highest of ethical standards - Start helped to set the tone for modern correctional medicine, beginning with his strong advocacy against requiring physicians to participate in executions. In addition, his role in drafting a professional code of ethics was seminal.

Dedication to research, publication, and training - Start demonstrated his dedication to these activities so that people working in the field would continue to be able to hone their skills.

Policies - Nominations are accepted from ACCP members in good standing. Only ACCP members in good standing are eligible for nomination. This award may or may not be given each year, depending on the quality of the nominations, at the discretion of the Committee on Nominations.

Nomination Procedures - Nominations are accepted year round. The deadline for consideration for a particular year will be announced in nomination request emails to the membership. The ACCP Committee on Nominations will review nominations, eliminating those that are ineligible under the policies listed above. Valid nominations will be presented with additional information from ACCP records, as appropriate. The ACCP Committee on Nominations award recommendation will be made via conference prior to the annual meeting and given to the Board of Directors for approval. Winners will be notified in writing of the award.