Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is the governing body of ACCP.  It makes key decisions about how the organization conducts its business and it adopts policy positions on key issues affecting correctional physicians.

Board committees discuss issues in detail and make well-thought out recommendations to the full Board of Directors.

In addition to the Board’s governance role, individual Board members frequently serve as unpaid staff, volunteering as conference coordinators, presenters at educational sessions, recruiters of speakers, or as editor and writers for CorrDocs (the ACCP research newsletter), supplementing the work of paid, professional staff.

The Board of Directors includes a President, President-elect, Secretary, and Treasurer, each of whom serves a two-year term; an Immediate Past-President, who serves until completion of the term of the sitting President; six directors who serve four-year terms; and one director nominated by NCCHC.

Responsibilities of the Board
Board members participate in monthly conference calls and attend two in-person Board meetings each year, usually held in conjunction with the National Commission on Correctional Health Care (NCCHC) conferences.

Board members must be knowledgeable about correctional medicine, have demonstrated dedication to the field, be able to give ACCP their primary organizational allegiance, and bring a unique quality to the Board.

Each Board member serves on at least one ACCP committee or working group and is expected to attend the annual ACCP Fall Educational Conference.

Board members also advocate for ACCP in public relations activities, such as staffing the ACCP exhibit booth at professional conferences, representing the organization at meetings and seminars of other organizations concerned with correctional medicine, and recruiting new members in various venues.

Responsibilities of Officers
The officers of the ACCP are Board members who carry out leadership responsibilities on behalf of the group.  They generally devote more time to organizational activities and take on extra tasks when necessary.

The President presides at all meetings of the Board of Directors and of the general membership, appoints Chairs of committees and working groups, and ensures the organization makes sound decisions.

The President also serves as official representative of the organization before public and private bodies whose work is of concern to the ACCP.

The President-elect serves as President in that person’s absence (as would a Vice-President) and automatically succeeds to the Presidency.  The President-elect may fulfill additional duties at the request of the President.

The Secretary is the legal signator on official documents and ensures that accurate Board of Directors minutes are recorded and retained.  This person is selected by the Board from among the elected Board members.

The Treasurer is responsible for ensuring that accurate financial records are maintained and that reports are filed with the appropriate authorities.  This person is selected by the Board from among the elected board members.

The Immediate Past President remains on the Board to provide continuity from one term to the next.

Click here for a list of the current Officers and Directors.


Elections are held every other year and all members in good standing who hold the credential of MD or DO are eligible to vote.

You may nominate yourself, or someone else, by completing and submitting the Board nomination form.

Once nominated, candidates will be asked to complete a short questionnaire explaining why they want to serve and how their service will benefit the ACCP.

Nominations for the 2024-2028 term must be submitted no later than June 30th, 2024.  The ACCP Nominating Committee will review the nominations and will submit a slate of candidates to the membership for approval by July 31st.  At that time, procedures for challenging the slated candidates will be explained.

Ballots will be e-mailed to all voting members, and the newly elected Board of Directors will be installed at the September 2024 educational conference.