CorrDocs Editorial Board

Editorial Board member responsibilities:

  • Recommend to the editor issues to be addressed in CorrDocs
  • Identify and recruit contributors to CorrDocs
  • Identify appropriate articles to be reprinted in CorrDocs
  • Contribute to CorrDocs

CorrDocs Contributors

CorrDocs addresses a broad range of issues related to the provision of health care in corrections. Stories can report on clinical care issues, mental health care and substance abuse treatment, health services administration, legal and ethical matters, professional development and other everyday concerns in this ever-changing field. If you are not sure about a story idea, send a proposal or outline. If we accept your proposal, we will help you develop an article.

Articles will be printed at the discretion of the editor. Articles must be original material, typed, and less than 1,500 words. Photographs, figures, and artwork, including original cartoons and drawings, are welcome.

Authors must indicate if their article has been submitted to any other publication. This is for information purposes only. CorrDocs does not require exclusive publication rights; however, original material appearing in CorrDocs is copyrighted by ACCP.

Authors should submit articles electronically, via e-mail or on computer disk, and should include full name, degree(s), professional affiliation, mailing address, telephone number and e-mail address.

Submit articles or proposals to:

Editor, American College of Correctional Physicians
14 Coves End Rd.
Marion, MA  02738

phone (720) 646-2978
fax (774) 553-5955

Or e-mail