Correctional Medicine Info. Database

Correctional Medicine Info., (Hosted by Justin Sterett, MD) is a valuable new place for current or aspiring providers in correctional medicine.

The mission of is to host a no-frills database of resources in correctional medicine focused heavily, but not exclusively, on the following: 

  • Graduate medical education and curriculum development. 
  • Impactful publications such as peer reviewed articles and book recommendations. 
  • Other online resources that are relevant to correctional medicine, such as blogs and clinical practice guidelines. 
  • A new section was also just started for patient handouts and educational material. 
  • The overarching goal of the site is to collect and organize impactful resources that can aid clinicians and help to educate aspiring clinicians in the field of correctional medicine.

While there you will find Publications, Online Resources and Book Recommendations. 

Also on the main page there is a form to submit resources, or members can email

This project is community driven and built.

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The listed content and recommendations made by is for educational purposes only, and does not constitute medical advice. The listed content is curated by the creators and contributors of this site, and is not necessarily the recommendations supported by ACCP or any other medical organization.