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2020 ACCP Fall Educational Conference
November 1, 2020
Las Vegas, NV

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Infectious Diseases in Correctional Settings

This year’s conference will focus on Infectious Disease management in the correctional setting. With medical, legal and public health experts, we aim to address the following: How do you operate and fund vaccination programs in multiple correctional health settings? How can you team up with a public health department? What are evidence-based ways to screen for and treat sexually transmitted infections? How can you manage an outbreak effectively/lessons learned from Covid-19? Given the overwhelmingly positive feedback from last year’s mock deposition, we are headed back to the courtroom, to help us think about and prepare for litigation in general, as well as infectious disease-related issues. We end the day with ACCP’s signature event: ACCP Talks to Our Patients. A panel of currently and formerly incarcerated patients living with HIV will answer audience questions about their experiences during incarceration and re-entry into the community.

Agenda - (Tentative and Subject to Change)

Vaccination Basics
Presenter: TBD

Vaccination Programs: How to operate and how to fund
Presenters (Jail): Jeff Keller and Todd Wilcox
Presenters (Juvenile): Michelle Staples-Horne to make slides, TBD presenter
Presenters (Prisons): Rhode Island DOC/DOH


Mock Trial using something related to vaccination as the case
Presenter: Larry Wulken and Troupe

  • Hepatitis C - 12:15-1:00  (Presenter: Deniel Dewsnup)
  • ACCP Business Meeting - 1:00-1:15


STDs: Recommendations and methods of incorporation
Presenter: TBD

Managing Infectious Outbreaks
Presenter: Awele Maduka-Ezeh MD, MPH (Medical Director of Delaware DOC)


Patient Panel: HIV/AIDS Management In, and during transitions in and out of, Corrections
Presenters: TBD, awaiting recommendations on patients in Las Vegas area

(CME Pending)

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