Letter from the President

What a privilege it is to be President of The American College of Correctional Physicians. As a clinical provider working in correctional health for over 23 years I have learned to respect and admire my fellow physicians who dedicate themselves in providing adequate medical care to the incarcerated population in all correctional settings. I am entrusted by the members of this organization to continue the work my predecessors started. These are exciting times for ACCP to grow and make its mark as the leading organization for physicians in correctional healthcare.

I will explore new ideas to increase our membership enrolment with the support of our Membership Committee, to include an unpaid internship program for residents and medical students to explore the opportunities within the Correctional Medicine field. Through ACCP’s Education Committee and newsletter publication-CorrDocs, the mission of ACCP is to continue providing medical education specific to correctional health topics which are pertinent to our daily tasks as clinicians in the correctional environment. ACCP’s website has been designed to provide resources and net-working opportunities for all our members to use. We will continue expanding with the help of the IT Committee in providing web links from other medical organizations for additional topics or tutorials useful for our physicians who practice correctional medicine. ACCP’s Fellowship Committee will continue to recognize distinguished ACCP members that have made a significant contribution pointing them out as future ACCP Fellows.
Our organization through the Advocacy Committee will continue to voice our opinion and publish them as statements for the benefit and to protect the health and wellbeing of all incarcerated individuals.
We will continue to foster and strengthen our relationship with NCCHC, ACA, AMA, AOA and other medical organizations with the expectation of sharing in mutual collaboration ACCP’s principles and ideals to further enhance ACCP’s recognition in the field of Correctional Medicine.
I am honored to be on the Board of ACCP. These distinguished colleagues are leaders in the field of correctional healthcare. They bring to the table different skill sets that will enrich this organization immensely. I look forward in the next two years working with all my colleagues at ACCP. Always with an open mind and a positive attitude.

Thank you for your support.

Rudy Nunez
Juan Rudy Nunez MD, FACCP, CCHP-P