Letter from the President

Welcome to the ACCP website!

The ACCP exists to serve its members and, by extension, to improve medical care for our incarcerated patients. We serve our members in several ways: by providing educational opportunities and CMEs, by creating a community for member fellowship and friendship, by advocating on behalf of our members and patients, and many others.

But we need your help! ACCP is governed by a Board of Directors, and the "heavy lifting" work is done in ACCP's various committees. Please consider joining one (or more!) of ACCP's committees. You can find a list of the various committees here on the ACCP website. Besides helping ACCP with its mission, you will make many new friends, mentors, and power sources. 

On behalf of ACCP's Board of Directors, we look forward to working with you!

Jeffrey Keller, MD, CCHP-P, FACCP