Member Benefits

American College of Correctional Physicians (ACCP), is a rapidly growing organization that exists for the professional development of in-the-trenches correctional physicians. Its unique set of member benefits reflect the values and unfailing commitment of an ever-expanding member network. All programs are developed by the ACCP Board of Directors and committees to enable members to stay well-connected to each other.

You can help ACCP advance the field and your professional satisfaction.
The ACCP provides an avenue for personal professional advancement.
Break through the professional isolation common among correctional medicine specialists.
Network with other experienced correctional medicine professionals. 
Satisfaction enjoyed by colleagues that our efforts benefit the public health as a whole.

The ACCP dues are low in comparison to other organizations though the benefits are gratifying.

  • Access to experienced professionals in the highly specialized field of correctional medicine
  • Discounts for professional CME conferences
  • Discounts on Rental Cars and Taxes
  • CorrDocs newsletter which focuses on contemporary developments in our field
  • Online resources for employment and consulting opportunities
  • Recognition of your professional accomplishments through the ACCP Fellowship program
  • Advocacy through our work with other organizations
  • Your personal input into the professional development of correctional medicine
  • Access to expert witnesses in correctional health care

Through encouraging and subsidizing membership in the ACCP, organizations can improve recruitment and retention of medical staff.

  • Involvement in ACCP will encourage your physicians to dedicate themselves more fully to the field
  • ACCP education and training will improve physicians’ professional and clinical correctional skills
  • Networking with colleagues familar with their challenges in correctional medicine will improve employee satisfaction and thus retention
  • Many physicians, invigorated through contact with peers, continue in a career in correctional medicine