Mission & Vision Statements


Promoting professional excellence:

  • The ACCP is the only membership organization committed solely to meeting the needs of correctional physicians;
  • The ACCP examines issues specific to the incarcerated and identifies solutions for clinical medical professionals in prisons, jails, and juvenile facilities;
  • The ACCP disseminates vital medical information at educational conferences, in professional publications, and through peer networking;
  • The ACCP advocates for adherence to a Code of Ethics that ensures we practice our profession responsibly and with the greatest degree of integrity;
  • The ACCP advocates for medical research and the professional education of students and residents to develop and maintain future excellence in correctional medicine;
  • The ACCP is at the forefront of efforts to win specialty recognition for correctional physicians, enhancing the stature of our profession, and leading to greater public and private support.


The vision of the American College of Correctional Physicians is to pursue and establish the highest ideals and ethical standards in the provision of health services to those who are incarcerated. The College shall endeavor to advance research, education, and training in correctional medicine by academia and government.

The College shall endeavor to gain specialty recognition for those physicians, who by qualification and commitment, attempt to improve the health of those incarcerated through education, training and provision of compassionate, preventive and effective health services.

The effectiveness of the College will be demonstrated in its efforts to identify and correct those influences in society that lead to criminal thinking and behavior, and to establish humane and effective modification of criminal thinking and behaviors.

Those incarcerated should leave their correctional period better educated and in the best health and condition possible to re-enter their communities as contributing members of society.