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    Intensive Medical Management 2018


        AMA - Ethics Talk: Caring for Incarcerated Individuals During COVID-19 Pandemic - (Posted 5/7/2020)

        CDC - COVID19 Correctional Facility Guidance - (3/23/2020)

        Guidance for Coronavirus Clinical Care in Corrections

        What's Coronavirus? - And how will it affect people living in correctional facilities

        Coronavirus COVID-19 and the Correctional Facility - For the Correctional Healthcare Worker

        Coronavirus COVID-19 and the Correctional Facility - For Correctional Staff Leadership



        Coronavirus COVID-19 Resources and Information - (Posted 4/15/2020)


         CDC Interim Guidance: Managing COVID 19 in Correctional/Detention Facilities - (Posted 3/24/2020)              

         Correctional Health Page - (Posted 4/15/2020)

         COVID-19 in Correctional and Detention Facilities — United States, February–April 2020 - (Posted 5/6/2020)

    The Marshall Project

         "We Asked People Behind Bars How They Feel About Getting Vaccinated" - (Posted 3/2/2021)     

    The National Academies

         “Health Care and Health Care Financing for COVID-19 in Correctional Facilities” - (Posted 9/8/2020)     


         COVID-19: What You Need to Know in Corrections - (Posted 4/15/2020)

         COVID-19: Resources - (Posted 4/15/2020)       
    Jama Network

        The Challenge of Preventing COVID-19 Spread in Correctional Facilities - (Posted 4/8/2020)


    AMA - Helping at-risk patient populations, part 2: Dr. Dionne Hart on incarcerated patients - (Posted 5/7/2020)

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    "Voices of The Forgotten - Medicine for The Incarcerated"

    Season #1:
            Episode #1 - Coronavirus - The Emerging Pandemic - (Posted 2/25/2020)


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